Rest and treatment in Truskavets

Medical services

On the basis of the hotel-health complex “Mariot Medical Center”, the doctor’s appointment is used for the treatment of many diseases and diagnostic examination with the use of modern laboratory research, ultrasound diagnostics of internal organs, X-ray diagnostics, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, iridodiagnostics and rectomanoscopy.

Sanatorium treatment in Truskavets is based on the use of natural healing factors and hardware physiotherapy. Treatment with mineral waters of Truskavets in combination with balneo – and physiotherapy procedures provides a lasting healing effect.

List of medical services of the “Marriot Medical Center”

Consultations of the doctor – therapist are conducted free of charge according to the individual scheme of healing and purification of the body.

  1. “Detoxmag” – drinking bischofite. Replenishment of the source of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, selenium, copper, zinc, chromium and other elements, with are partially excreted by the Truskavets mineral waters. This optimization of the absorption of calcium, the general strengthening of the body, the normalization of the work of the stomach, intestines, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and respiratory systems.
  2. Hardware physiotherapy includes the following types of treatment:
    • Magnet – laser therapy used for diseases of almost all body systems. This procedure allows you to treat inflammatory processes, relieve stagnation, spasms in different organs, update the microcirculation of the curvature, sets the bodies to a normal frequency of functioning. With the help of ultraphonophoresis, deep penetration of drugs into problem areas is achieved the anesthetic effect begins, normal innervation of affected cells resumes and their working capacity is renewed.
    • Intravenous laser therapy. Indications: hypertonic disease , obesity or overweight, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency states, viral and bacterial processes in the body, systemic diseases of the body and various allergic processes (bronchial asthma, dermatitis, obstructive bronchitis). With the help of this procedure, in order to increase the level of health, immunity is normalized, blood pressure stabilizes, cholesterol level decreases, blood sugar is released, toxins are released.
    • Amplipulse therapy – influence with therapeutic purpose by constant sinusoidal electric currents of medium frequency. There is a significant inhibition of pain sensitivity, resorption of edema, stimulation of trophism and tissue metabolism. Rhythmic contraction of muscle fibers contributes to the improvement of peripheral circulation, the development of collaterals. Amplipulstherapy is characterized by softness of action and greater depth of penetration. Actions are achieved: analgesic, trophic, spasmolytic, stimulating neuromuscular apparatus, reflex-segmental, local and general. This procedure is effective, as with diseases of the joints, spine, peripheral nervous system, the consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and with diseases of the internal organs: dyskinesia of the intestine and the biliary excretory system, gynecological organs, kidneys, ENT diseases, bronchial asthma, hypertension, vascular diseases, etc. The medication injected into the affected area penetrates deeper and faster. Achieved the maximum effect of the action of current and medication.
    • Diadynamic therapy (diodinamophoresis) – use for therapeutic purposes of permanent electric currents. There is a braking of pain sensitivity, resorption of edema, stimulation of trophism and tissue metabolism. Under the influence of DDT, there is a retarding effect on the sympathetic nervous system: arterioles spasm disappears, collateral blood and lymph circulation normalizes, edema decreases. Thus, such actions as analgesic, trophic, anti-inflammatory, stimulating neuromuscular apparatus and others are achieved, depending on the location of the anode or cathode in the core. The medication injected into the affected area penetrates deeper and faster. Achieved the maximum effect of the action of current and medication. This procedure is effective for all diseases accompanied by pain syndrome, impaired blood circulation and trophism. These are diseases of the peripheral nervous system, joints, spine, dyskinesia of the gastrointestinal tract, resorption therapy with keloid scars and degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints and spine.
    • EHF-therapy is a procedure that adjusts the organs to their own biorhythm and stimulates the immune system. EHF – therapy has no contraindications and side effects, does not cause allergic reactions.
    • Electrophoresis, galvanization – procedures, that use a current to convey a medicinal preparation to the affected organ. The effect consists in combining the action of the current itself and the drug that is introduced into the body. Achieves anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effects.
    • Blind sounding – tjubazh – on the basis of drinking bischofite, has a choleretic effect, stimulates the digestive gland, has a laxative effect, removes the inflammatory process of the stomach and intestinal mucosa. The procedure is supplemented by electrophoresis of the gallbladder site from stagnant bile, removal of sphincter spasms and inflammation of the gallbladder, normalizes the work of the intestine.
    • Singlet-oxygen therapy in the form of foam. The procedure activates metabolic processes in the body, stimulates the function of endocrine glands, normalizes the tone of blood vessels and improves fluidity of blood, enriches the blood with oxygen, normalizes the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, has an immunostimulating effect, affects helminthic invasions.
    • Inhalations on herbal medicinal herbs or medical preparations can effectively treat diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchus of the lungs, including allergic component. The ultrasonic nebulizer brings the active substance into the deep lungs. Prophylactic inhalations in sterile sea water restore the protective functions of the epithelium of all the airways, sinuses of the nose, eliminate the allergic component, activate the immune defense system on all mucous membranes.
    • Darsonvalization is a method of electrotherapy that improves capillary blood circulation and nutrition of tissues and skin, regulates vascular tone, fat burning processes, stimulates healing processes, and sensitivity of nerve endings. It is used in the treatment of diseases (hypertension, migraine, varicose), neurological (neuralgia, neurosis, neuropathy), functional and organic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as skin diseases accompanying problematic and oily skin, acne, seborrhea, etc. Stimulates the restoration of hair follicles, improves hair growth.
  3. Therapeutic application of mud-sulfide mud of the Gulf of “Sivash”. Mud treatment positively affects the diseases of the cardiovascular system (improves blood circulation of organs and the whole body) , the nervous system (affects the nerve endings) of the musculoskeletal system (treats osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, scoliosis). Mud treatment “starts” the processes of active rejuvenation of the body, regenerates the skin, increases muscle tone, smooth’s wrinkles.
  4. Pearl mineral bath based on bischofite with extracts of various herbs. Baths based on bischofite have anti-stress, restorative, health-improving effect, normalize blood pressure, stabilize the work of cardiovascular and nervous systems, improve sleep. Normalizes blood circulation, trophic tissue and metabolism, have a regulating effect on the functional state of the central nervous system, relieving stress, irritability and fatigue, relieve muscle, joint and rheumatic pain.
  5. Underwater shower-massage. The effect of jet massage has a pronounced effect on various nervous and psycho-emotional disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, radiculitis, posttraumatic pains), cardiovascular system, vegetative-vascular dystonia, gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis and other diseases.
  6. Underwater jet shower-massage combined on the basis of bischofite. The combined procedure of water massage based on mineral water with bischofite potentiates the effect of massage, favorably affects the psycho-emotional sphere, normalizes pressure, treats osteochondrosis, osteoporosis.
  7. Massage manual – preventive massage (relaxing, tonic), therapeutic (lymphatic drainage, segmental, vacuum, anti-cellulite, honey, chocolate, children’s). Hand massage is an effective method of treatment and prevention of various diseases. Massage helps to eliminate pain, swelling, adhesions, normalizes sexual functions, accelerate the processes of regeneration of injured tissues. Massage renews the strength of the tired muscle, increases its ability to work, strengthens the joints.
1 Physiotherapy:
– magneto-laser therapy
– Ultrasound therapy on medication
– US-therapy without drugs
– magnet + ultrasound therapy (per site)
– Amplipulse therapy
– Diodinamoterapiya (diodinamophoresis)
– EHF-therapy
– laser therapy
– Supra-laser – therapy
– Electrophoresis
– blind probing-tjubazh
– oxygen foam on the root of licorice
– inhalations, therapeutic and preventive
– darsonvalization (long procedure 10 min.)
2 “Detoxmag” – drinking bischofite 20,00
3 Therapeutic application from the mud-sulphide mud of the Gulf of “Sivash” 60,00
4 Ozokerite application (1procedure). 75,00
5 Pearl – mineral bath based on bischofite (with extract of juniper, rosemary) 140,00
6 Pearl-mineral bath based on bischofite (with melissa extract) 140,00
7 Pearl-mineral bath based on bischofite (with valerian extract) 140,00
8 Pearl-mineral bath based on bischofite (with extract of calendula) 140,00
9 Underwater jet shower-massage combined. 180,00
10 Underwater jet shower-massage combined on the basis of bischofite. 210,00
11 General massage (per hour)
Anti-cellulite massage combined (manual 30 min., Vacuum 10 min.)
Back massage
Massage of the neck and collar department
Massage of thorax
Lumbar and Sacral Massage
Foot massage
Lymphatic drainage foot massage


  • This price list of the prices for medical procedures can be adjusted on the site of the examination and supplemented with the recommendations of a specialist doctor.
  • The minimum recommended course of treatment is from 18 to 24 days.